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SEO Technique : Traffic Secrets 2.0 by: John Reese (12CD)

Berapa cara yang anda gunakan untuk mendatangkan traffic kedalam website anda?

Bila anda merasa hingga saat ini traffics yang masuk ke dalam website anda kurang maksimal dan cara yang anda gunakan sudah ketinggalan jaman maka sudah saatnya anda belajar dari guru ternama amerika untuk mendatangkan traffics kedalam situs anda.


Suatu terobosan baru yang dilakukan oleh John Reese yang sudah sangat terkenal dengan Home study-nya yang berjudul Traffic Secret dan berhasil meraup lebih satu juta dollar dalam waktu 24 jam pada tahun 2004.

Pada Bulan Juli 2008 Ia kembali melakukan launching productnya yang terbaru dan menjadi suatu guideline bagi semua orang yang ingin mendatangkan traffics kedalam website mereka dengan berbagai tehnik web 2.0.

Terdiri dari 12 cd yang yang membahas tehnik-tehnik terbaru untuk mendatangkan traffic ke dalam situs anda :

CD-ROM #1: The Foundation
On this CD-Rom we'll establish a valuable foundation. You'll discover several powerful principles that will guide your entire traffic-building adventure. You'll learn several powerful, yet simple concepts that you can apply again and again to help any of your sites generate not only more traffic, but almost more income.

CD-ROM #2: Market Discovery
On this CD-Rom you'll learn to become one of the most powerful spies in the world.
You'll tap into the power of the Internet to find out where the money is flowing in your market so you can get in front of it. You'll also learn how to find all the working traffic generation strategies and methods in your market so you can 'borrow' them for your own use. Once you learn how to utilize the methods on this CD-Rom you'll laugh at how easy it is to generate traffic.

CD-ROM #3: Keyword Science
On this CD-Rom you'll learn powerful keyword research secrets that 99% of marketers don't know exist. Most marketers know all the common keyword research tools and the basic metrics to look for but that's only 5% of what you need to know to generate maximum traffic and income. This CD-Rom will take you deeper. Much deeper.

CD-ROM #4: SEO Dynamics

On this CD-Rom we'll cover the latest SEO strategies and techniques you'll need to know to optimize your pages for high rankings. We'll dive into the "behavorial" evolution of SEO and how you can stand ahead of the curve. We'll also go deep into LSI tactics (like adding related phrases to 'bookend' your targeted phrases) and tons of other ways to use LSI properly to get those high rankings -- and many other hardcore SEO tricks.

CD-ROM #5: Content Factory
On this CD-Rom we'll go over how to set up your 'factory' to be pumping out highquality, traffic-magnet content on a regular basis. If you want lots of traffic you
absolutely must be doing this. In a very short amount of time those that aren't doing this will be left with very little traffic and business. I guarantee it.

CD-ROM #6: Video Marketing
On this CD-Rom we'll cover the exciting new world of Video Marketing and how you can quickly and easily use video in your own marketing to generate a ton of traffic. It's a lot easier than most people think and you don't even have to appear in a single video if you don't want to. Most marketers are clueless when it comes to truly utilizing the power of video syndication across the Web.

CD-ROM #7: Social Strategy
On this CD-Rom you'll discover how to tap into the VIRAL elements of Social Media. You'll also learn how to use it to automatically syndicate your content so it gets put in front of a MASSIVE CROWD of people everytime you publish something. There's definitely a 'right' way and a 'wrong' way to do this and you'll learn the 'right' way that will generate a steady flow of traffic for many years to come.

CD-ROM #8: AdWords Mastery
On this CD-Rom you'll learn things about AdWords you didn't even know existed. Like how Google will actually tell you what phrases need to be on your landing page to get the lowest cost-per-click (and I don't mean the keyword you are advertising for.) You'll also learn how to maximize your profits by having your ads only run during certain times of the day, to certain demographics, and to certain areas of the world. It's optimization on steroids. You'll learn how you can compete with ANYONE in any market -- either promoting affiliate products or your own. Because you'll be able to get maximum results for the lowest possible price!

CD-ROM #9: Advertising Methods
On this CD-Rom we'll go wayyy beyond Google AdWords. We'll cover tons of places where you can advertise your site -- free and paid. You'll learn how to "roll-out" your traffic-building strategy and scale quickly to MILLIONS of visitors (yes, millions) if you want them. This is how many companies online are generating a small fortune and most smaller marketers don't even have a clue.

CD-ROM #10: Widgets & Software
On this CD-Rom we'll cover the vast array of new opportunities that software online is creating for any market. We'll cover all the traffic generation possibilities through
toolbars, widgets, social networking applications, shareware, P2P files, and much more.

CD-ROM #11: Affiliate Army
On this CD-Rom you'll learn a plan to leverage the thousands of traffic generation
methods and campaigns being used by others in your market and simply have them send you tons of traffic for ZERO RISK. It's one of the most powerful strategies in all of Internet Marketing and it's no coincidence that the biggest companies online are taking advantage of it. But there's a lot to it. The difference in having massive success and mediocre success can be a few small tweaks. So you'll want to pay close attention to everything on this disc.

CD-ROM #12: The Master Plan
On this CD-Rom we bring it all together and start you down a path of SPECIFIC step-bystep action. We'll formulate a detailed plan of attack to start generating short-term, immediate traffic for your business as well as putting a more long-term, virally growing plan of action into motion.


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