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Duber Training - Portrait of a Girl - 3 DVD SET

DVD1 - Organic modeling - portrait of a girl

This DVD starts the series, logically, by showing you how to model a complex, organic model, demonstrated on a young girl's head. loocas duber in more than 7 hours of fully dubbed video shows all the principles, techniques and processes needed in order to construct a model with neat, clean and mainly correct topology ready for being rigged and animated. loocas also talks about human anatomy, concerning head and neck areas, about correct deformation zones and shows the viewer how it is done in high-end productions on a regular basis. Since we've promised you won't miss a thing, the entire DVD is uncut and contains everything from setting up the references to final touches on the finished model. The latest techniques require the latest technology, therefore all the modeling is done on 3ds Max 8 with help of Orionflame v3.0 Everything is divided into logical chapters for better and faster navigation throughout the content.

- introduction
- references preparation (loocas starts with analyzing and preparing the references in a 3d scene)
- linework (when all is set and ready, a topological blueprint is made from the references for faster and easier navigation during the modeling)
- orionflame (when you get a great deal on a 3rd party software, you also have to learn how to use it)
- modeling the head (since nothing was skipped, this one long chapter was further divided into 4 individual parts)
- modeling the ear (ears are complex geometry, therefore loocas shows how to model and then connect it to the head in a separate chapter)
- final touches (it's not finished until it's fine-tuned, in this chapter the correct topology is set so you only have to fine-tune the overall shape)
- modeling the eyes (when we say that nothing is skipped, we mean it! This chapter walks you through modeling the eyes)
- conclusion

The DVD, besides the final model, all the references and the initial setup scene, also contains a trial version of Orionflame v3.0 with all its user reference files and more than 340 short videos demonstrating its functions and capabilities so that you can install it and use it while working on your model from this DVD.

DVD2 - UV mapping - portrait of a girl

Following, just like in a real production, is a DVD that sets its goal to finally teach you in-depth how to effectively map your meshes. duber training didn't want to create an ordinary, average training DVD, we decided we would like you to actually understand what UV's are and how they work! Therefore loocas took the finished model from the first DVD and mapped it TWICE, firstly to show you how to work with the new Pelt Mapping technology available in 3ds Max 8 and then how to lay down the UV's in a standard, classical, way. But still, this wouldn't make the DVD so special if there weren't clearly presented alternative UV mapping techniques utilizable on both organic and inorganic models along with numerous priceless tips and tricks proven in real productions. Everything is divided into logical chapters for better and faster navigation throughout the content.

- introduction
- uvw's theory (if you are to map properly your own meshes, you have to understand what are and how UV's work)
- pelt mapping (first we start with the latest technology. As it was said already, loocas unwraps the model twice in the end, this is the first time)
- classic mapping (you don't have 3ds Max 8 and you don't know how to UV map? That's why loocas shows you how to in a classic way)
- mapping the eyes (it may sound simple, yet we've decided we wanted to dedicate a single chapter to this issue, you will see why)
- fine-tuning the UV's (just like when modeling, if you haven't fine-tuned it, it's not done)
- alternate methods (it wouldn't be a superior quality DVD if there wasn't anything beyond the topic on UV mapping)
- conclusion

The DVD also contains the finished model from the previous DVD with the finished UV coordinates applied to it and the custom UV map that helps tremendously viewing the UV layout on your meshes.

DVD3 - Texture painting - portrait of a girl

To finish the series, duber training created a comprehensive Photoshop CS 2 training DVD for those that struggle with texture painting. It is an unwritten rule that the better your textures are, the better your models look. And again, we continue to bring the best possible training to you. We never compromise on the quality of our work, same applies to this DVD. loocas will not only show you how to completely paint textures from a few photograps on your UV layouts, but he also talks and shows things that are a bit beyond pure texture painting, for example, he explains how to decide what size of textures you need for your meshes, how to setup your custom brushes, how to work with alphas and blend modes. All you need for painting your own textures from photographs is explained on this DVD. Everything is divided into logical chapters for better and faster navigation throughout the content.

- introduction
- workspace preparation (first, you need to prepare your workspace for painting the textures, this is what this chapter is about)
- workflow (a word on how to prepare your own custom brushes, how to work with alpha channels, layer masks and how blending modes work)
- color map (loocas begins with the most difficult part, painting the color map)
- bump map (realistic materials require realistic textures, color only isn't enough, therefore you will need to paint a bump map as well)
- specular map (light reflection on the skin's surface has to be controlled too, the specular map will help you to do so)
- reflection map (skin is reflective, therefore loocas will show you how to paint a fresnel map)
- other maps (achieving a realistic skin material is no easy task, you will need a little more than the above mentioned maps)
- conclusion

The DVD also contains all the texture maps in PSD and JPG formats, the UV maps and the custom brushes for you to learn directly from them or use them on the model of the young girl modeled and mapped in the previous DVDs.

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