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Maya - Jason Ryan Animation - Movie Tutorial Terlengkap - Tutorial Photoshop XSI Illustrator Lightwave After Effect Flash Maya 3DS Max Fireworks AutoCAD Dreamweaver InDesign Modo Cinema4d Sketchup Zbrush Vray - Aneka Tutorial 2009
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Jason Ryan Animation

US$1,000 | Trainer: Jason Ryan | .MOV | GUI | ProjectFiles | For Windows and Mac

Over US$1000 of high-quality Maya and FlipBook animation training -- from high-quality Maya to FlipBook animation training, spanned over 18 lessons. This DVD contains Animated Tutorials from "Basics to Advanced", concentrating on Jason Ryan's "anti-technical" approach to Animation. It also contains a fully rigged character "Boris" and various free props to help you get started in the animation industry.

The Basic Tutorials

1) The Bouncing Ball
It's funny that this is the first exercise most animators complete when learning animation but little do we realise at the time how this basic exercise actually relates to every single piece of animation you'll do from here forward, even Lip sync. In this Tutorial we go step by step through Timing and Spacing, Slow ins and outs, and Squash and Stretch. I added pigtails to the Ball to illustrate Drag, Overlap. and Follow Through. This Tutorial also covers how to approach animation from a Pose to Pose, Straight Ahead and a combination of the two. In the Maya section, I added a texture and rotation to the ball for secondary action. We also cover all the Basic Maya Preferences, Hot keys and simple F-Curve Manipulation.

2) The Skip
In this Tutorial, I wanted to jump or rather skip into a full body animation with Boris but keeping the scene short in frames so as to not overwhelm. In addition to all the animation principles we now cover Body Reversals, Textured Timing, Favored keys, Golden Poses, Keys, Breakdowns and Animated Inbetweens. In the Maya section, I also have a short demo for setting up Maya prefs. I have included on screen captions for the mouse and keyboard functions but just new ones that refer to the animation at hand. In this I use a very simple model (not rigged) of a skipping rope to intoduce a secondary action into the Maya scene.

3) The Jump
In the Jump Tutorial, I wanted to animate a full body jump on the spot with a very pushed anticipation. It also illustrates Timing, Spacing, Slow ins and outs, Body Reversals, Textured Timings, Favoring, Golden Poses, Keys, Breakdowns, Animated Inbetweens and Tweaked Inbetweens. When we do these animation exercises it's always better to go broad first and then pull back later. Really experiment with your spacing and timing to exaggerate and learn from your mistakes. As with the previous two exercises this will be a cycled animation on the spot.

4) The Walk
The walk is probably one of the trickiest exercises but essential for every animator. In this Tutorial I fully animate a walk on the spot (on one's) and then animate it off the spot. We look in detail at all the main poses of the walk and ****yze the arms to offset the swing from the hi and lows of the body.

5) The Run
As with the walk, the run can be a tricky exercise to overcome. In this Tutorial I first animate the run in 2D, going through the four main poses of the run and then I Inbetween it to illustrate the importance of follow through in the inbetween stage.

6) The Side Step Dance
In this Tutorial I wanted to bridge the gap from Basic to Intermediate, so this is really kicking the animation up a big notch. I am illustrting a weight shift side step but turning it into a dance move. This Tutorial really pushes all the principles that we've learned in the previous tutorials and introduces some real character in the timing and pushing the spine to get us prepared for the Intermediate Tutorials.

The Intermediate Tutorials
In these Intermediate Tutorials you have to be very comfortable with pushing the character around in CG. These shots are very broad and are based on some of the more difficult shots that I have done in the past. I designed these shots to be 80 frames or more each (approx) to illustrate how a weeks work can be achieved in a day. The Flipbook 2D stage of all these shots is unedited but in the Maya stage I edited out the unimportant parts and concentrated on the blocking, fleshing out and polishing stages of the animation.

7) The High Dive
The High Dive Tutorial is a full body shot where our Boris character has to anticipate for a dive off of a diving board (diving Board rig included). We go through every step of creating the animation frame by frame, introducing prop manipulation, cause and effect, staggers as well as all the principles and body reversals already learned. (80 frames)

8)The Weight Push
In this Tutorial I animate a weight push shot where I concetrate on all stages of the animation process, especially the final polishing stage. The polishing stage of these type of shots brings out the energy were you really feel the character's stress and not sacrifice the entertainment. (120 frames)

9) The Tennis Serve
The Tennis serve is a tutorial that I remember seeing floating around from an animation master class. I wanted to create one of my own for these Intermediate tutorials. In this particular case I wanted to introduce some Acting into our shot. In many of these exercises what happens before the action can be just as important as the actual action itself. (80 frames)

10) The Jump in Perspective
The Jump in perspective Tutorial is really pushing right into the Feature Animation realm. This is a full on action shot of Boris running in perspective, antic, jump off a height, land, recover, double take, antic and run over camera. (80 frames)

11) The Run to Fast Run
This tutorial is also full feature with the added trickiness of animating along side a moving camera. I also want to see some expression change as Boris runs looking over shoulder, takes and anticipates into a faster cartoonier run and dash off screen. (70 frames)

12) The Guy on Ball Cycle
I left this tutorial until last because it is very difficult. The mission is to animate Boris travelling on a ball from one side of a U bend to the other and back again in a cycle. (80 frames)

The Advanced Tutorials

There is a need in our showreels to show how we handle both subtle and broad acting, with and without dialogue. I designed a sequence of ten shots and animated the most important six. Some shots are in continuity but stand alone as complete shots. It's a two character sequence, one character is subtle and the other is over-reacting.

13) Shot 1 - Pantomime
In this tutorial you see exactly how I come up with ideas for acting choices as well as seeing frame by frame how I create a believeable and entertaing performance.

14) Shot 4 - Subtle Acting with dialogue
In this tutorial the mission is to give a believeable performance without hand gestures. I also animate frame by frame how to deal with lip sync and playing the pose.

15) Shot 5.5 - Subtle Acting with dialogue 2
This tutorial has some phyiscal movement for emphasis on delivering a dialogue accent with flair. I also talk about and animate an inverted path of action.

16) Shot 6 - Acting, Dialogue and Physical movement
In this tutorial I illustrate two possibilities for acting choices. The importance of physical believeability while hitting Dialogue accents and when to change expressions and when to hold an expression for intensity.

17) Shot 7 - The Walk and Talk shot
This shot is a direct hook up from Shot 6 where we have Boris turning into this shot. He has to pace back and forth and hit accents in his dialogue. This Tutorial really illustrates how I approach these walking talking shots.

18) Shot 8 - Subtle Dialogue with gestures
This is the final shot in the Tutorial series where I appoach a subtle dialogue shot and introduce the importance of playing the pose with gestures and how it reveals more of the characters personality.

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